Hail and well met, my dudes!

We’re big fans of the McElroys over here at Pipe Dream HQ and decided to share the love with a handful of TAZ freebies!
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Magnus Burnsides Font

Big, burly and a little rough around the edges, this chunky, weathered sans serif font is just like Magnus. Based on Erica One, the open license font by Miguel Hernandez.

Magnus T-Shirt

Let everyone know what kind of person you are when you wear this shirt modeled after our favourite Human Battlemaster! Steven is along for the ride, as usual.

Merle Highchurch Font

Merle’s script is dwarvishly angular with vines, flowers and leaves wrapped sensuously around the capitals. Based on Underdog, the open license font by Sergey Steblina

Merle T-Shirt

Not from the mountains or the hills, our Beach Dwarf Cleric is special. This is a single colour vector design which means it can be screen printed or heat pressed easily!

Taako Font

Come on now, you all knew Taako wrote his lower case I’s with little stars for the dot right? Of course he does. Based on Tiptoe, the open license font by Fernando Haro

Taako T-Shirt

This limited edition shirt from Taako’s famous tour of Faerun is a true collector’s item! Requires “Direct to Garment” printing and looks better on a dark shirt.

Extreme Teen Bible Cover

“A +1 holy symbol featuring a rad skateboarder on its cover”
With just a donor hardcover book and a printer, you too can feel the power of Pan! Just print, cut to size and glue!

Pan is the Man T-Shirt

Spread the good word of Pan just by walking around in this beautiful expression of nature. Requires “Direct to Garment” printing and looks better on a dark shirt.

Vector Bureau of Balance Logo

A simple version of the Bureau of Balance Logo that can be resized to any size without losing quality.

Vector D20

Roll for initiative! This simple D20 design can be resized to any size without losing quality

The above files are freely shared through Creative Commons and anyone is welcome to download, share and alter at will, so long as no resulting products are offered for sale. ENJOY!!
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